Wanderwatch Configuration

Wifi, beacon setup, selecting a colorscheme

Setting up Wanderwatch

Wanderwatch requires a setup. When the watch is first started, a QR code is shown. This should be scanned with the Parent's App to start the registration procedure.

Show the QR code manually

Take the following steps to show the QR Code on the Wanderwatch

Click on the gear icon in the main menu (right below the clock) 


Now click on the QR code logo (shown here on the left side)  


Leave this screen open during the registration proces. Once registration is completed, Wanderwatch will automatically activate itself and restarts after entering the Magic Beacon id.

In case you have problems with scanning, or you want to know the registration numbers, click on the QR code on the Wanderwatch. Wanderwatch will display the ID of the Wanderwatch and the Simcard ID.

Setting up the Magic Beacon

Wanderwatch will have to know the name of the Magic beacon to look for. All Magic beacons start with MiniBeacon_. Type in the 5 digits only. 


 Please note that you can only register official Wanderwatch beacons. 

If you want to use meters, check the box. Leave it unchecked for feet/yards. Not that the indication in meters or feet/large is dependant on the game type.