Wanderwatch Starterkit

Wanderwatch Starterkit

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    149,00 €

    SOLD OUT - Best value deal including FREE magic beacon and a prepaid sim card with up to 2 weeks of credit.

    This combination does not exist.

    FREE & fast delivery

    Wanderwatch will be shipped without additional charges in Europe and the USA

    Excellent customer care

    Wanderwatch is simple for parents and kids. We will be glad to help you out if you get stuck

    30 day money back

    We want happy customers. Therefore you have a 30 day grace period if you buy through our website

    Your worries are almost over

    From now on you can always locate your child or send a message!

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    The coolest kid in town

    The Wanderwatch is a smartwatch, a cool and robust one because we developed it for kids. We see that the Wanderwatch keeps being used over time. Your child loves to wear this cool gadget over time.

    SIM: Only pay what you use

    The SIM card is included. We do not like subscriptions for our children, so we included a prepaid SIM card. You only pay what you use and it is easy to recharge via the parents app. 

    We know you and your child like to use Wanderwatch as soon as it arrives at your home, that is why the SIM card is pre-charged with up to 2 weeks credits. 

    It works out of the box all over Europe and the US. Easy to take your Wanderwatch on your holidays.

    You need the SIM card to receive position updates and chat messages when the Wanderwatch is out of Wifi area. On average and with normal use the expected sim card costs are €65 per year.

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    Automatic software updates

    No hassle for you. The Wanderwatch gets automatically new software updates. As soon as the watch is conncected to power and Wifi, it checks if there is a new software update. If so it automatically downloads and installs it. Easy.

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    What is in the box?

    The Wanderwatch starter kit contains everything you need to get started right away:

    • Une Wanderwatch bien sûr !

    • Une "softband" pour l'ajuster à tous les poignets

    • Le Magic Beacon pour jouer "ça brûle ou c'est froid" avec des amis

    • Un protecteur d'écran (pré-installé)

    • Une carte sim prépayée préchargée de crédits pour que votre enfant puisse sortir juste après l'activation

    • La carte SIM fonctionne dans tous les pays européens et aux États-Unis. Pour les autres pays, veuillez vérifier avec customercare@wanderwatch.com

    • Le chargeur magnétique avec son câble USB

    • Le manuel de référence rapide pour vous aider à démarrer


    This is the GPS tracker that I want to wear. I like the camera and the games most. And I can send and receive messages. And it is light and comfortable to wear.


    Wanderwatch is the safest GPS watch in the market. I want my child to be safe but the data about his wherabouts too. It gives me a very accurate location of my child.