Wanderwatch the coolest gadget for kids is now available

Where can you get this cool present?

Wanderwatch - the coolest gadget for kids - is now available for you to make your kid happy!

You can get your Wanderwatch in more than 250 Bart Smit and Intertoys stores in The Netherlands and the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. But you can also get the coolest gadget for kids in our own webshop.

Wanderwatch with magic beacon

Now get the magic beacon for FREE!

For a limited time you get the magic beacon for free. The Wanderwatch Starter Kit contains the Wanderwatch, a prepaid SIM card (worldwide) and the parent smartphone app. The retail price is € 149,99.

Buy Wanderwatch now at Intertoys or via our webshop

There is a limited amount of units available. Make sure you'll get yours on time


Why your kids will ❤️ Wanderwatch

Wanderwatch is packed with cool features for kids. It has a camera and you can send chats via text, doodle or voice messages. And of course Wanderwatch has cool games. There is the amazing sound app and the balance ball game. With the free magic beacon one can hide the magic beacon as if it is a treasure and the other tries to find it with the Wanderwatch. The included prepaid data SIM card works in the greater Europe and the United States.

Communication for parents

Via the Wanderwatch parents app on your own smartphone you can always see where your kid is. You can always instantly communicate with them. And during school hours you can lock the Wanderwatch down to make it a watch only.

Christmas Catalogue

You might know the very thick toy catalogue of Intertoys and Bart Smit? It is the booklet in which children make their wishlist for Sinterklaas and Christmas. And yes, this year they can also chose a Wanderwatch :)

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