Wanderwatch is a safe GPS locator

Wanderwatch uses encrypted communication

Again in the news. Kids smartwatches are unsafe and being recalled by EU order because of unencrypted communications with its backend servers. As a consequence, the data such as location history, phone numbers, serial numbers could be easily retrieved and changed. That is and has never been possible with Wanderwatch!

Wanderwatch is a safe GPS locator

All connections are encrypted. And even if you were able to get your hands on a parent’s account and password, you would still not be able to login from a different smartphone than the one used for registration. We have our eyes out for suspicious activity.

Wanderwatch was designed with security in mind from the start. Communication with kids and their whereabouts is well protected. 

You can request the position of your child in the parent app on your own smartphone. This is a manual process. It is the reason that it can take a while before you see the position of your child on the map. Wanderwatch does not store the positions of children on its servers. That is why it is also not possible to see the track your child took. Wanderwatch does not have these historical position data.

You can have peace of mind while your child is playing outdoors with its Wanderwatch.

Here is the link to the recent article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/eu-orders-recall-of-childrens-smartwatch-over-severe-privacy-concerns/