The Wanderwatch startup adventure

A roller coaster ride!

At the summer event of Starterslift I gave a presentation on the roller coaster ride of Wanderwatch. So cool to get that opportunity to tell our adventure.

Why Wanderwatch

Playing outdoors makes children smarter, healthier and happier. That is what we all know. But what you see is that children spend more and more time indoors.

Looking at toys you see that most indoor toys are interactive with lights and sounds. Outdoor toys are still the same bike and swing which I played with.

The reality is that kids prefer their interactive toys over outdoor play.

That is why we invented Wanderwatch: playing outdoors using today’s technology.

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Accelerator Starterslift

We started off full of enthusiasm and ambition with the product- and concept development. We wanted to launch fast. Soon we got in touch with Starterslift, a Dutch accelerator. Our business plan and financial plan were ready and after a pitch round we were admitted to the program. Starterslift helped us wherever they could. With help of Starterslift we have been able to develop the Wanderwatch concept and product. Specifically, the hardware- and software development required much more time than estimated beforehand. But now we are ready for the market launch.

Innovation World Cup

Earlier this year we were selected for the Innovation World Cup. More than 400 start-ups from all over the world participated in this prestigious contest. We pitched in München, Germany on a mega stage for 1,500 people from the Wearable Technology Industry. And we became finalist in the Gaming and Lifestyle category. A great reward for all the hard work!

We spoke to a lot of hot shots and I must say it is really exciting when a big and famous Wearables company shows up at your booth and tells you that they have been following you for a while.

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Working in a start-up is dynamic. One moment you are on top of the rollercoaster and the next moment you are at the bottom. Our credo is: persistence! And we stay sharp by doing reality checks with sparring partners, suppliers and most important our customers.

And above all, we believe that Wanderwatch is more than just a product. It is part of something much larger and more important. We want to give children a healthy and happy future.    

Time to play!