More than 3 hours screen time per day ?!

25% of young children spend more than 3 hours per day on screens

Parents who spend a lot of time on screens have children who do that too. Researchshows that families with young children differ in the way they deal with media. Some families only spend 1,5 hours on screens, others even more than 6 hours. On average 25% of the young children spend more than 3 hours on screens per day.

Parents set the example

Parallels can be seen between the parent’s behavior and the behavior of their children. Children from parents who spend a lot of time watching television, computers, tablets and smartphones are often glued to their screens too. For instance, in families who watch a lot of television, the children often have their own television in their bedroom. We are talking young kids here until 6 years old. These parents indicate that they face difficulties in managing the screen time of their children. Pediatricians recommend maximum 1 hour screen time per day for 5-year-old children.

Media usage instead of outdoor play

In general also young children can use screens, that is not an issue. These devices are part of the modern society and offer also social and educational advantages, as long as the parents chose apps and programs that match their children’s age. It only goes wrong when media usage is replacing time spend on outdoor play, reading and sleeping.

1Peter Nikken, Hogeschool Windesheim, Lector Jeugd & Media, November 2017