How to have a relaxed holiday while letting your kids go?

Read that book instead of running after them all the time

Holiday season is coming up! Yeah. Finally time to relax.

Is it?

It is wonderful to spend time together with your family. Having fun and enjoying the good life. The real story is that it is less relaxed than you have hoped. Although you want to let your children go at this great holiday park, you also have the responsibility to watch them. That means that you are still running after them and hoping that you have time to read that great book later on.

We offer you an easy solution that makes your holiday more relaxed for you. Take Wanderwatch with you to your holiday destination! Let your children go and see where they are on your own smartphone. And just send them a message that drinks are ready. It will give you peace of mind and you have time to read that book.

It is really that easy? Wanderwatch comes with a prepaid SIM card that works already in a lot of countries. It is prepaid so you only pay what you use and you are not stuck in a subscription. Please check here if it does in your country of your holiday destination:

It is even much more fun to spend time with your kids when you are relaxed. 

Enjoy your holiday!