Wanderwatch basics

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Congratulations on your Wanderwatch. Here you can find all information on the Wanderwatch basics, like setting up wifi, configuring Wanderwatch and installing the watchband and the simcard

Wanderwatch has a touch screen and 2 buttons 
Wanderwatch button layout  
Icons are explained below from top to button: 
 Power button
- Press to turn on the screen in case the device is sleeping. 
- Press and hold until you feel a vibration to turn your device on / off 
- Press and hold for more than 7 seconds to restart the device 
 Camera lens
Wanderwatch even has a camera. The lens is in between the buttons.
  Back button
- Press to back to a previous screen. Some apps require pressing back twice to exit 
- Press and hold to show an action menu if supported by the app.

The microphone is located at the lower right side of the watch.

The speaker is located on the left side of the watch.

  Charging connectors 
The 4 charging connectors are located at the bottom of the device.  

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Warnings and legal

Please read this section to familiarise yourself with the warnings, notices, legal and usage contraints that you accept when using Wanderwatch

Wanderwatch QR code screen

Getting started

Congratulations on your Wanderwatch! This section explains how to install the sim card and the softband and how to register your Wanderwatch. Just three steps to get you started!

Wanderwatch charging plate

Charging Wanderwatch

Wanderwatch will probably need a recharge every day with normal usage. Some tips and warnings regarding the charging of Wanderwatch

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Configuring Wanderwatch

Wanderwatch will need some setup. Learn more about the configuration of Wanderwatch

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Using the prepaid simcard

The prepaid simcard included in the package will ensure that Wanderwatch can always connect to our server, also when out of range of Wifi. Learn more about the prepaid solution here.

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Softband caring instructions

Wanderwatch comes with a unique softband that makes the watch look cool and that provides a comfortable fit for every wrist. Read more about caring instructions.

  Notice: Do not disassemble or modify the watch, otherwise it will cause damage or leakage to it. For disassembling it, please ask professionals for help. 

Do not beat the touch screen or use it to beat other objects, otherwise it will cause liquid leakage or damage to LCD. LCD liquid into the eyes may cause blindness. Please rinse immediately your eyes if any liquid splashed into the eyes (do not rub them), and immediately consult your doctor for help. Do not use needles or other sharp objects to touch any keys or touch screen, otherwise it will damage the watch or cause improper operation. 

Please ensure the watch is free from water or other liquids, which may cause short circuit, leakage or other defects to the watch.

 Notice: Some Screen images are simulated. Appearance of device may vary.

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