Do you remember your great days of outdoor play?

Outdoor play with a modern touch

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Wanderwatch combines the fun of interactive high-tech games with all the nurturing advantages of outdoor play  

  • Especially designed for  kids aged 6 to 11

  • Light and comfortable to wear, fits any wrist

  • We have got you covered. Use anywhere in Europe and the US at a flat rate with our pre-paid sim card

  • Connects to Wanderwatch bluetooth accessories for endless fun

  • Chat and GPS tracking for parents


Getting kids outside by introducing another screen? Absolutely!

We have designed Wanderwatch - Smartwatch for outdoor play that makes children want to go outdoors again. Packed with features like chat, a camera, and games that trigger imagination, like treasure hunt or a fun sound effects app, Wanderwatch makes any street or park fun to play in.

An app allows parents to securely communicate with their kids and to know where they are.

Kids don't remember their best day of television


This is what our customers say...


Mam, this is sooo COOOL, it is like gaming outdoors!

- Karin                                     

Wanderwatch has the biggest FUN factor of all kids watches!

- Alexander                                     

The communication feature is AMAZING.

- Cathelijne                                     

I can now let my son go to school on his own. 

- Matthijs                                     
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Wanderwatch is safe. Many GPS trackers are not.

"Unfortunately, when you’re talking about cheaper versions of something, like technology, there’s a reason it’s cheaper, and sometimes that reason is there’s not nearly as much money spent on the safety of that product, and the security of that data that it holds" 

Rob Sanders 

Read more about the  safety  of Wanderwatch  

All you want

Wanderwatch has GPS, a camera, chat, sounds, games and many other great features!

Interactive play

Wanderwatch connects with other toys like the magic beacon, which can be a flag or a hidden treasure.

Keep in touch

Your parents can see where you are, and you can instantly communicate with them. 


See Wanderwatch in action

Wanderwatch is simple to use and looks great too. Watch this video to see Wanderwatch in action. All screens are actual screen recordings. This is as close as what-you-see-is-what-you-get as possible.

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The first smartwatch that children want to wear 

Why would your child want to wear a GPS Tracker? Or a stepscounter? It's all about play

All these features in just one watch

Fun for kids, great for parents

Games center

Play interactive outdoor games


Find your stuff in the dark


Send doodles, texts & audio


Alerts parents with one click

Team up

Make friends easily


After all it is a watch too!

Reliable battery

Magnetic connector plate

Designed for children

Playful, high-contrast screens

Great connectivity

Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G, GPS


Create memories and have fun. Say: cheese!

Finally an interactive outdoor toy

Fun, light and comfortable

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Find the treasure 

Hide the Magic Beacon and find it with your Wanderwatch. The modern hot or cold game that you can play with your friends

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Be a police officer

Imagine turning your bike into a police car or a stick into a sword? Have fun with the sound effects! There are some funny sounds too!

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Balance the ball

Design your own obstacle course. Balance the ball and don't let the ball touch the outer circle! Step up to the challenge!

Classic outdoor games with a modern touch

Keep in touch with your family

Chat, GPS tracker and School mode

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Send chats any way you like

Send doodles, text messages and voice messages

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Always see where your child is

Smart locator with GPS and wifi tracking. Your child can alert you in case of emergency


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Parent enabled school mode

School is to learn, not to play. Lock-down Wanderwatch to make it a watch only

Outdoor play is essential for a healty life style